Meet the Mascot


Eddie Pacmanovich

With the personality of a goofy, clever, stubborn 5-year-old child, and rolls that go on for days, Eddie brings a smile to the face of everyone he meets.   By 3½ years old, he had all but completely taken over the Koulideas Instagram page, crediting his expressions and overall awesomeness for his success. (He now shares the limelight with his human brother, but doesn’t seem to mind too much)

A Texas born purebred English Bulldog, Eddie comes from a lineage of great names – from parents Sophie Babe and Pacman Von Hogan, to grandparents and great-grandparents with names like: “Poboy Cash Two Bits”, “Tille ‘D-Best’ Chantelly Lace”, “Azza’s Totally A Tank”, “Rufus Show Me The Money 2”, and “Pa’s Unsinkable Molly”.  But in mid-October in 2010, we were not consciously trying to keep with the “family tradition” when we tried to find the perfect name for this 2-month-old, 8.5 pound rolly polly, we just wanted to find a name that fit him perfectly!  It turns out, the story of how “Eddie Pacmanovich” became that name might be the very thing that kept the tradition.

After two days of the joys and adjustments of having a new puppy, we noted that it appeared as though our little guy was wearing eyeliner.  Being big fans of the British comedian and actor, Eddie Izzard, this tiny similarity was all it took.  Here are some photos for comparison — what do you think?

Oh, and his middle name, “Pacmanovich”?  That’s a nod to Russian tradition, where a person’s middle name is determined by their father’s name, and means “son of Pacman”.

If you want to see what’s the latest in Eddie’s world, you can head on over to the Koulideas Instagram page, or follow Koulideas on Facebookd.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);